Deploying more than just finance. Fuelling India’s future.

Capital India is an India-focused, integrated financial services platform. We partner new-age, local businesses and entrepreneurs with customized finance solutions. We believe, India’s growth opportunity requires financing that is relevant with the changing times. Financing that serves the latent yet burgeoning demand which is unmet by conventional lenders.

We focus on being a partner credit institution and will seek to provide customised financial solutions to Indian Corporates and Enterprises for their growth and working capital requirements. The Company primarily focuses on two business segments – Mid Corporate and Emerging Corporate / Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) for its financing activities.

In an industry that is largely transactional, we build strong, long-term relationships. This is exactly where we excel.

We offer customized financial solutions.

Partnering Indian entrepreneurs. Accelerating business trajectories.

Our approach is based on the concept of “nimble partnership”. This means collaborating with entrepreneurs, developers, promoters, corporates and businesses. This means being agile and innovative to help them rapidly execute expansion, generate cashflows and profits. Funding the growth of India’s aspirational and entrepreneurial class is the backbone of our business model.

Our asset-backed lending structure helps us minimize risks and engineer better financing terms. Our quick and flexible credit empowers customers with the ability to pivot, rediscover and scale their business. At the retail and consumer finance level, our hub and spoke (developer) referral model enables us to tap retail opportunities early without compromising on risk.

Balancing risk with rigour. Enabling governance with growth.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Capital India is a Non-Banking Financing company helmed by a young and proven team of professionals. Together, we nurture the ambition of building an integrated Indian financial institution of repute, rooted in trust, integrity and ethics. Across transactions, our due diligence is deep and rigorous. Our stringent technology-aided risk evaluation enables us to proactively monitor the value of underlying assets on a continuous basis with swift mitigation measures.

As we grow, we remain committed to responsible business conduct and gold standard corporate governance. Harnessing financial, human and social capital, we are committed to long-term value creation for all stakeholders. We believe this is the key to being a core catalyst in India’s financial ecosystem.

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